Monday, March 12, 2018


Bronze Upgrade your Front Lower A Arm!
Bronze Upgrade your Front Lower A Arm!
Part # Interchange:0430-0824 / 50-1131 / 243-1131
Bronze Upgrade your Rear Independent Suspension!

Upgrade your A-Arm Bushings!Upgrade your Rear Independent Suspension Bushings!

Reduce slop and downtime with our exclusive Boss Bearing upgrade! This upgrade boasts tensile strength of 35,000 psi, yield strength of 27,000 psi and a brinell hardness of 72!  Our upgrade allows you to keep contamination out and clean grease in!

Our kit features:

-Cast SAE 660 Bronze Bearing material to replace factory plastic bushings;
-Cast SAE 660 offers excellent strength and wear resistance with exceptional anti-frictional characteristics;
-These precision CNC machined bushings have an integrated uni-directional nitrile seal;
-The uni-directional seal allows one to purge the pivot point of any contamination with grease as needed;
-An incorporated figure 8 grease channel allows grease to be evenly distributed around bushing and pin;
-Pins (when included) have been upgraded to a polished Rockwell 60 hardness to increase wear resistance and life.  Factory pins have been tested to be less than Rockwell 50.


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