Thursday, November 3, 2016

Motorcycle / Dirt Bike (or Sport Quad) Swingarm Bearings and Seals Installation Guide

*As always, these instructions are general guides to helping you; always check with your service manual for your machine to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the setup. If you are not experienced with installing parts on your machine, Boss Bearing always recommends taking your machine to a mechanic to ensure proper installation. You can buy the bearings through us, save a few bucks, and take them to your local mechanic to be installed!


*It is important to make sure you clean your machine to prevent any problems going forward with the installation.
*Please be sure to follow the instructions thoroughly! If the steps to replacing any parts on your motorcycle or ATV/UTV are done improperly, this can lead to parts failure or possible injury.


1. Before you begin this process, uninstall the original swingarm and linkage from your motorcycle or ATV.

2. Remove the rear wheel/wheels (ATV) by removing the bolt or lug nuts along the axle.

3. You can now unbolt the caliper from the swingarm, making sure to support it from causing damage to the caliper or brake lines.

4. Remove shock and linkage being sure to inspect the bearings and seals in these points. Replace them if needed.

5. Clean the swingarm thoroughly. After you clean them, remove the original seals, bushings, and pins, using necessary needle bearing and seal removal tools. You’ll want to clean all the rust out the bearing bores as well.

6. After the bearing bore has been cleaned, check it over for any wear and tear damage. Install the new bearings.  Put them in rounded end first and press on them from the outside, pressing on the number and letter side of the bearing. Once they are pressed in, grease the new bearings and grease the lips of the new seals.

7. Install the new seals, bushings, and pins to proper manufacturer specifications. If you know your motorcycle has thrust bearings, place the PTFE washer that comes in the kit inbetween the steel washers. The PTFE washer surface should be facing the outside of your bike.

8. Reinstall the swingarm now. We recommend putting grease or antiseize on the swingarm bolt for easier future maintenance. Torque the nuts/bolts to OEM specifications.

9. Now you can reinstall the linkage and rear shock and break caliper and axle/wheel(s). Check the chain adjustment before tightening all nuts and bolts to specs.

Now you’re ready to get back out there and start riding again!


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