Monday, May 9, 2016

Dirt Bike Installation Guide for Replacing Rear Wheel Bearings

*As always, these instructions are general guides to helping you; always check with your service manual for your particular machine to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the setup. If you are not experienced with installing parts on your machine, Boss Bearing always recommends taking your machine to a mechanic to ensure proper installation. You can buy the bearings through us, save a few bucks, and take them to your local mechanic to be installed!

Before You Start:

It is important to make sure you clean your machine to prevent any problems going forward with the installation.

Please be sure to follow the instructions thoroughly! If the steps to replacing the rear wheel bearing on your Dirt Bike are done improperly, this can lead to parts failure or possible injury.

Before you get started, make sure you prop up your bike on a stand to lift the wheels off of the ground.

Once it is lifted, you can begin to remove the rear wheel on your bike. To do that, unscrew and remove the axle nut, and remove axle bolt, then remove the chain off the rear sprocket, then remove the wheel.
*Note: be sure to watch for any seal spacers or washers that could fall out. Take the wheel you just removed and prop it up on a box, stand, or table so it is easier for you to work on.

Remove the Old Bearing:

Now remove the seals so you can see the actual bearing. You can remove the seals simply by using a screwdriver or pick. *Note: some wheels require specialty tools for the bearings to removed, reference your service manual or local dealer for tools and techniques before moving on.

To remove the bearing, use center punch and hammer to drive the opposing side bearing out using side to side tapping. Do the same thing to the other side. Try to avoid damaging the center spacer tube.

Install the New Bearing:

Clean the wheel thoroughly. Press the new bearings in by the outer race using a bearing driver. If there isn’t already grease on the bearings, go ahead and smear some on them. Be sure to replace the center spacer tube before installing the bearing on the other side. Now press your seals in and put the seal collars in place.

Now you can reinstall the wheel on the bike. Be sure to check for equal chain adjusting spacing, and you are good to go!