Thursday, February 18, 2016

ATV Front Wheel (Knuckle) Bearing Installation Guide

As always, these instructions are general guides to helping you; always check with your service manual for your particular machine to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the setup. If you are not experienced with installing parts on your machine, Boss Bearing always recommends taking your machine to a mechanic to ensure proper installation. You can buy the bearings through us, save a few bucks, and take them to your local mechanic to be installed!

Before You Begin:

Before you begin, please make sure you clean your machine thoroughly, as this is very important for proper installation of the part you are replacing.

Be sure your machine is properly supported with a sturdy stand or jack while working on it.

Remove all the parts from the new kit. Always check to make sure that every part you need is there.

Once the parts are out of the packaging, place the bearings in the freezer for around one hour; this will allow the bearings to contract to a smaller tolerance.

Remove The Old Bearing:

Now remove the knuckle from the machine you are working on. Also remove the dust seals with either a flat bladed screwdriver or a proper seal pick.

Finally, use snap ring pliers to remove the snap ring out (you can find these fairly cheap at a place like Harbor Freight).

Now that everything is removed, take and press the bearing out of the knuckle. Be sure to clean and inspect the bearing bores before moving on. There should be no rusty spots, grease, or grime on the bores. There should also be no wear and tear damage either.

Install The New Bearing:

Next you need to use a heat gun to heat up the area of knuckle, and take one bearing out of the freezer and place it into the knuckle. To press the bearing into place, use a bearing installing tool. You can also use a socket that matches the outer race of the bearing, if you do not have a bearing installing tool.

IMPORTANT: As you press the bearing into place, only press the bearing on the outer race.  You will damage the bearing is you press on the inner race.  Make sure the snap ring groove is clearly visible and the bearing is fully pressed into place.

After that is done, use your snap ring pliers to install the new snap ring into place.

Once that’s done, you can apply grease of the lips of the dust seal.

To finish things up, press the seals in firmly, either by hand, or by a driver that is equivalent to the outside diameter of the dust seal.

Place the knuckle back in and assemble the machine back together.

Lastly - try to  avoid pressure washing your machine around the bearings and seals. This will help the bearings to last longer.

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