Monday, December 14, 2015

ATV Rear Axle Bearing Installation Guide

*These are general instructions. Always check your service manual for your particular make and model to get a better understanding of the particular setup and to make sure you use factory torque levels.  As always, Boss Bearing strongly encourages you to take your machine to a certified mechanic if you have no previous experience with these machines. You can buy the bearings online and save a few bucks!

1. It is important to make sure you clean your machine to prevent any problems going forward with the installation. 

For the Axle Housing:
2. Lay out all of the components of the Rear Axle Bearing Kit. Be sure that you have every part that you need.
3. After that, place the new bearings in the freezer for just an hour before installing them. This will allow the bearings to contract to a smaller tolerance.
4. Now you are going to remove the axle and the axle housing out of the final drive unit. 
a. After that you will have to remove the dust seals with a seal pick or you can just use a flat blade screwdriver.
5. Next, using the proper bearing puller, remove the bearing from the axle housing. 
a. Once it is removed, clean away the grease, grime, and rust from the bearing bore. 
b. Once it’s clean, inspect it for any wear and tear damage to it. 
c. Be certain that there is no damage to the bearing; otherwise it will cause the new bearing to hang during installation.
6. After that is done, you can now install the new bearing into the axle housing. 
a. Insert the bearing until it’s fully seated, or at the OEM specified depth. To do this, use the proper driver or socket to only apply force to the outer race of your bearing. 
b. Then you will want to grease the lips of the dust seal.
7. Now you can install the dust seal into the axle housing next. 
a. Push the seal in so that it meets the OEM requirements, or so that it fits flush.

For the Drum Brake:
1. For this part of the installation, you’ll want to remove the hub nut, brake drum cover, shoes, and brake drum.
2. You’ll remove the brake drum from the axle housing. 
3. Next, use a seal pick or flat blade screwdriver to remove the dust seal.
4. Use snap ring pliers to remove the snap ring after the dust seal is removed.
5. Using a heat gun, heat the brake panel exactly around the area of the bearings (a blow dryer will also work).
6. Drive out the bearings, clean them thoroughly, and inspect them for any damage.
7. Now take the bearing out of the freezer and install it into the brake panel.
8. Drive the bearing in so it is set fully using the proper driver or socket to only apply force to the outer race of your bearing. 
9. Install the second bearing the same exact way.
a. Check for any spacers or collars that need to go between or outside of the bearings.
10. Use the snap ring pliers to install the snap rings into the groove and apply grease to the lip of the dust seal.
11. Install the dust seal over the bearings to OEM standards.

For the Drum Cover:
1. Take out the old dust seal from the brake drum cover.
2. Clean and inspect the seal area for any damage.
3. Now apply grease to the lip of the new seal.
4. Install the new seal into the brake drum cover.
5. Drive the seal into place.

Now all you have left to do is put the machine back together and replace any replace any other seals if necessary. Make sure all of the fasteners are tightened and install new cotter pints with the hub nuts.

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