Friday, April 10, 2015

Help Us Help You - A Top 5 List!

Everyone loves a top 5 list!  So we came up with the 5 most important tips for you to use when you call us about parts for your dirt bike, ATV/UTV and street bike.  We get many phone calls on a daily basis from customers with questions about our products. Keep 'em coming - we love it!  But many times it is difficult for us to help a customer because they do not have all of the information we need in order to ensure that they get the correct part. So here are the top 5 things you should have handy when you call us so that we can help you in the quickest and most effective way possible.

#1:  Have the specific Make, Model, and Year!
These 3 pieces of information are the most important to know when you call us to find a particular part because, as you know, many manufacturers change their line up from year to year.  So, for example, what fits the 2001 Blaster may not fit the 2006.
If you are having trouble finding out the specific model or year look for the VIN number.  Not all manufacturers put their VIN numbers in the same place.  It is usually stamped on the frame under the motor somewhere, usually on the left hand side.  Don’t confuse this with the number that is stamped on the motor, that’s the motor serial number, not the VIN number.  If the VIN number isn’t on the frame rail under the motor it could be somewhere else on the frame.  It could be attached as a metal plate, it could be a sticker.  Other places to look on the frame are near the a-arm mounts, around the top of the steering shaft or behind the air filter housing.  It could also be on the rail behind the brush guard or on the swingarm bearing tube.  If you are patient and thorough you will find it eventually.  Most importantly– it must have 17 characters.  If it has 17 characters you’ve found it! Now go to the nearest dealership and they should be able to look it up for you. You can also search the web but many VIN websites charge you for this information.
#2:  Dimensions are always helpful!

We understand that sometimes your machine is not stock.  Rock on!  We love a challenge!  If that's the case and you need a special bearing ALWAYS have the dimensions. Use calipers to measure the Inside Diameter (ID), the Outside Diameter (OD) and the Width to help us determine if we carry the bearing you are looking for.  Do you own a pair of calipers?  If not, you probably shouldn't be working on your own machine anyway!

#3:  If you have already ordered and you need to return or cancel your order it is helpful if you have the following on hand:
-The name that you placed the order under.  Do you know how many guys get their girlfriends to buy their parts?  It's crazy!
-The order number.  Did you order it on eBay, Amazon, from our website (hint:  the best deal) or did you call in?
-The part number you received (its the number located under the bar code on the little white sticker on the kit)
#4:  Why not just send an email first, here's why:
Many customers will call in and find out that they need to get more information before we can help them.  So they end up having to call back!  A lot of times, if you send an email first we can get all that information gathering out of the way.  We can then troubleshoot if we need more info to help you, send you links to the kits you need making it easier for you to complete an order, or send you return instructions and/or shipping details.  We are a small company with only about 12 employees so your email is going to a real person.  You can find a link with our email address at the bottom left hand-side of our home page.  If you are on our mobile site you can switch over to the main site to get there.
#5:  Never Assume
You've heard the saying, "Never Assume, it makes an 'Ass' out of 'u' and 'me'!"  Never assume that all machines are alike. Never assume that the part is NOT going to fit just because it looks different. Many times customers return a part thinking that it will not fit because it looks too small or too big and then have to reorder it because it turned out to be the correct part after all. Also never assume that everything on the machine is stock especially if you did not purchase it from a dealer.
Remember, we are here to help you so having these few pieces of information on hand at the time that you call can help us to help you order the part that you need or to get your problem solved quickly. Our toll-free number is 1-888-354-3343.