Friday, March 13, 2015

Get Ready, Get Set, GO!

Race season is upon us once again and here at Boss, we are getting into the spirit of things!  In conjunction with being an official sponsor for the 2015 racing series, we are offering all North Carolina Hare Scramble Association (NCHSA) riders a 15% discount.  This discount is an unlimited discount and will be good through race season, ending on 11/15/15. If you are a rider for the NCHSA email Ashley at or DM us on Instagram to get the coupon code to use on the website. Remember it is unlimited use coupon through November 15th 2015!

            The NCHSA is a racing series that welcomes anyone from age 12 years old and up. It welcomes racers of all experience level as well.  Their “C” class is the novice class for the people just getting into motocross racing and the “A” class is for the more experienced riders.


                                       Rattlesnake Ridge Track: Source NCHSA.Org

            Last week they held a race at Flat Rock in Taylorsville.  There were a lot of great riders. You can always keep up with the results of this race season by clicking .

This weekend (Sunday, March 15, 2015) there will be a race in Taylorsville, North Carolina at Rattlesnake Ridge. For more information on how to get started racing for NCHSA check out their website If you are in the Taylorsville area this weekend, go out to Rattlesnake Ridge and watch these talented riders.