Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why You Need a Boss Bearing Front Wheel DLR Roller Bearing Conversion Kit

Stop throwing your money away with the same stock set up!  Upgrade to Boss
Bearing's Tapered Front Wheel DLR Conversion Kit today!

The Boss Bearing DLR Roller Bearing Conversion Kit is an inexpensive way to increase the performance of your Sport Quad.  Boss Bearing has designed and tested this conversion kit with both the MX racer and day to day Trail Rider in mind.  Typical stock front wheel bearings are not designed to handle many of the vigorous forces the track and trail require.  The DLR’s angular roller design will increase the capacity of your front hub 2-1/2 times over stock. 
What you can expect with the Boss Bearing DLR Conversion:

·         Outlasts Stock Bearings 5:1
·         Easily installs into Stock Front Hubs (expensive billet hubs are not required)
·         Increased Stability
·         Better Handling
·         Less Drag with Better Roll
·         All components are provided for a full install on both wheels.
·         Bearings, Collars, Seals, Cotter Pins & Detailed Instructions
Are you ready to install your Boss Bearing DLR kit?  It's as easy as 1...2...3:

Things You'll Need:
  Motorcycle jack
  Hex wrench set
  SAE socket wrench set
  Rubber mallet
  Bearing remover/installer tool set
  New bearings
  SAE wrench set

1. Remove the Front Wheel

Elevate the front wheel of the motorcycle off of the ground with a good quality motorcycle jack. Ensure that the bike is stable before proceeding.

Loosen and remove the two hex bolts that secure the front brake caliper with a hex wrench. Let the caliper hang loosely on the side of the wheel from the front brake line.

Unscrew the front axle nut with a socket wrench. Tap out the axle with a rubber mallet and place it aside in a clean location.

Drop the front wheel down from between the front forks and move it to a work bench area.

2. Remove the Old Bearings

Assemble the bearing tool for bearing removal and insert the collet into the inside of the bearing.

Tighten the hex nut on the tool with an SAE wrench until the lip makes contact with the bearing, pulling it free.

Repeat this process on the opposite side of the wheel.

3. Install the New Bearings

Assemble the bearing tool for bearing insertion. Insert the bearing rod through the wheel on one side. Install the new bearing, washers and hex nut onto the end of the rod.

Turn the hex nut on the rod with a wrench to force the new bearing to seat onto the bearing race.

Remove the bearing rod and insert it through the wheel in the opposite side. Repeat the process of installing the new bearing.

4.  Now just reinstall the front wheel in reverse procedure order.